I know I cannot be the only one who realizes that Taylor Swift loves to play victim. When Swift first came out in the music industry I didn't pay much attention to her or her music. I never really had a true opinion about her and never really had a problem with others who enjoyed her music. It was just neutral and content. Then after a while she started getting more popular but I still didn't pay any mind to her until I heard about how Kanye West put Taylor on full blast at some Grammy award or whatever event it was. I admit, that was cruel what Kanye West did but at the same time it was kind of true. I feel that Kanye West should've said it in a different way at a different time, instead he did it on national TV. However, lets be real here Taylor Swift was "supposedly" a country singer. I think it is okay to experience with other generes and sounds but her music isn't anything new or special. Her songs are all about guys being dicks to her and how she never gets to be with a guy she is in love with. Taylor? Really? You can have any guy you want? You went out with Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and that little boy from One Direction. All of them didn't work. Have you ever thought about how you could be the problem?

I'm only telling what I see. By the way she presents herself, she seems like one of those needy girlfriends and majority of guys do not like clingy girls. My prediction is that Taylor Swif will never find true love if she keeps hopping from one guy to the next like amusement park rides. Stop Taylor and just stick with one guy! Oh wait, I forgot, you need guys to write more songs about and play victim again. Oookay!
As for her music, I never really liked them that's why I didn't bother to listen to them, but I soon realized that her music is unavoidable!
Everywhere I go I hear a Taylor Swift song. Whether I'm in the library or Starbucks lounge I just keep hearing her annoying music. The worst thing is that the songs get stuck in your head and it won't leave. Grrrrr!
I also find Taylor Swift a hyprocrite because she writes all these songs talking about her ex's but yet when people talk about her she gets upset. For example, comedian Tina Fey and Amy Poehler mocked Taylor Swift about her realtionships on their talk show and Swift responds by saying "There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women." Are you serious Taylor? Since when do you have a say who goes to hell? If that was the case where would you be going?
I don't understand why she feels like she is the only one who can talk about others but when others talk about her all hell breaks loose and you better watch out.
There have been lots of Taylor Swift Parodies on YouTube, some are funny and some are very creepy. Over all, the videos all express the same things. Taylor Swift basically dating boys to write more songs. If everyone is saying the same things about this singer they can't all be liars. Right?
Taylor Swift's voice is okay, it's a little flat and her songs are all the same which is why I am not a fan. However, if you ever go on websites and videos about Taylor Swift you have to be careful what you say because there are some die-hard Tay Tay fans and they will send you weird angry messages about how you are jealous and that you aren't as pretty as her. C'mon people, is that all you have to say? I'm not gonna say all her fans are crazy, because they aren't, but there are some lunatic fans who would threaten anyone who dare talk about their sweet, innocent Taylor Swift. If you ever get a threat message from a crazy fan go to
http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us and report them. Just because Taylor Swift is a boyfriend hopper doesn't mean it's our fault.
My advise for her would be to take more singing lessons, change her crappy songs and stop using guys to write her music. If you are over a guy, stop holding grudges and move the %$!@ on. Geez! I think it is rude and mean for her to play victim and treat her ex's like dogs and mess up their reputations. I understand that there are a lot of douche bag guys out there, but people never think of girls as being manipulative and cruel because they're girls. However, girls are, they are just more sneaky when they do it.
So do I like Taylor Swift? No. Do I think she is talented?  Somewhat, but I do not think of taylor as an artist and she could improve her singing a bit.
First time I heard about this chick was when I heard she made a sex tape with a black rapper. I was like what the heck? However, I didn't think much of it since I hear lots of stories of people making sex tapes. After a while I just shrugged it off, then one day I was strolling through channels and I saw another reality show of unknowns trying to get fame. However this time it was about Kim Kardashian and her overdramatic family. I knew television would never be the same.
So what I came to learn about Kim was that she become famous for having sex with a famous rapper. Has America lost their minds??!!! It is insane how anyone can get fame nowadays. Just look at what happened to MTV, they turned whores into stars. From Jersey Shore to Teen Moms to Bad Girl's Club. So everyone if you want fame all you have to do is have sex you can basically be the next Kim Kardashian. Yay!! What I think is also funny is that Kim Kardashian is considered a "celebrity" on Twitter. Why have we lost all morals as human beings? Back then if a woman was known as a whore she would NOT get praised for it. Kim Kardashian has no talent whatsoever nor does her family. Last summer when I went to the mall with my friends we walked into Sears and saw the K Collection or whatever its called. We nearly barfed up our lunch when we saw how ugly the clothes were. The clothes were so ugly that when Kim Kardashian sent the clothes to Kate Middleton, she sent them back to her. One thing that annoyed the heck out of me was when I watched Tyler Perry's Temptation movie and saw her in it. I wanted to shoot myself in the foot hearing her acting. It was complete horrible! I was super disappointed when I watched it. 
On YouTube when I was scrolling through videos I saw a video of Kim Kardashian with some guy I don't know and he lost her earring in the water and she started crying because she spent over 30K on a pair of ugly earrings. Really? Who in their right mind would spend that much on a pair of stupid earrings?!? Do you know what I could buy with $30,000?? Give me the money to buy a nice car and still have enough for bills!
It is crazy how people just blow their money on stupid crap. I also find it ironic how Kanye West makes a hit song about gold diggers but yet he's dating one. Whoopty doo! Have you realized that each Kardashian dates only rich athletes and rappers? Even the mom married someone wealthy. Those women know they need a sugar daddy.
I'm sure if Kanye West told Kim Kardashian that he is no longer rich she would dump him in a heartbeat. I think its sad how people who actually have talent and want a shot in the acting/singing business don't have a chance but people like Kim Kardashian and Snooki have the world at their finger tips all because they got fame for sexual doings. The world is really messed up. I think networks like Facebook and YouTube are good ways to get heard by others, but that doesn't mean that all of them are good. Trust me, I've heard some bad singers on YouTube and I regret listening to them. But if someone is really is talented, I would be happy to support them. People like the Kardashians, Teen moms, Jersey Shore freaks, etc do NOT deserve their fame. I'm sorry if that offends people but it is true. Why should people get fame for having sex? I really do hope that Kanye West got checked for STDs because after all the guys Kim slept with I'm sure she had to have caught something. Just saying. Please people! Do not praise celebrities like Kim Kardashian and other slutty reality stars because its not right! It is ridiculous how she thinks she's the %$@! now that she is famous. If you want to "praise" celebrities look at people like Alicia Keys who started a foundation for women with AIDS. Oprah, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Halle Berry, etc.
Overall, Kim Kardashian is not a true talented celebrity. She is a "reality" celebrity which basically jump started her mediocre career. I'm the type of person who wants to work for my success, if you have everything handed to you, what are you really learning?
My question to you is what would you do with $30,000? Please don't say a pair of earrings.
Does anyone remember coming home after school on Friday and turning on the TV? Kicking back on the couch watching That's so Raven, Even Stevens, Boy Meets World, Kim Possible, Smart Guy, Sister, Sister, Chip n' Dale, House of Mouse, Famous Jet Jackson, So Weird, Bug Juice and many many more. I don't mean to sound condencending but I feel sorry for those who grew up watching shows like Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, Shake It Up, Ant Farm, Austin and Ally, Wizards of Waverly Place, Jessie, and other current stupid shows. They aren't even funny! My sister loves that show Austin and Ally and I look at her as if she is crazy. The only reason why she watches it is because apparently there is a lot of romance on it. What the heck? That is just sad. Disney used to be a channel for everyone to enjoy. Even adults enjoyed watching the "old Disney" However, ever since 2004 when Anne Marie Sweeney took over ABC/Disney networks everything went down hill. She basically turned Disney into a tweeny pop music channel filled with snobby talentless actors/actress trying to get fame. It is sad how Disney brainwashes all these little kids, thinking that life is that wonderful and that we can all become famous dancers and singers. Really? Let's be real here. Half of all these kids won't become famous. They'll be lucky just to find a job these days. Disney before had shows where people dealt with real problems. They had movies that talked about drunk driving, smoking, and even sex! However, the shows talked about it in a way that made you learn morals about these certain topics. Justcompare the kids from before and kids today. When I was growing up I knew what was right and what was wrong and Disney taught that to me. It's okay to talk "real" sometimes. Kids need to know! These new shows try to sugar coat everything and make it seem that life is nothing but cookies and cream. Let's be real and stop leaving kids naive. Like really?? And is it just me or have you noticed the change in how they dress? In older shows like Lizzie MCguire, Even Stevens, So Weird, Smart Guy etc. they did not dress like freakin super stars and models. They dressed like regular kids because they were regular kids! Why do these large network companies feel like teens have to dress fashionable and perfect?

It doesn't make sense at all. Now you have all these little stupid girls thinking they can be Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez and don't you dare talk crap about them either because you will get a lot of hate messages like: "U r stuwpid! Ur just Jelouz bcuz u arnt cutttee lke silena Gomez r Mily cryus!" It's like learn how to spell first before you insult someone. That just makes you look more dumb and naive. Disney really needs to change their tatics if they want to set a better example for these kids. Half of the people who play on Disney look eighteen but are really thirteen and fourteen. why does Disney insist that these little girls need to wear make up and dress like prostitutes? What type of kids is Disney trying to attract? Sluts? Not only are these shows stupid but half of the stars can't sing or act. The thing tha's really funny is that majority of them do their own theme song because Disney is too stingy to hire an actual professional singer. They have to let their Disney stars sing. What happened to the days where Disney stars didn't sing their own theme song? and when a Disney star did sing their theme song they actually knew how to sing. For instance, Raven did her theme song because she actually knew how to sing. Hilary Duff didn't sing her theme song, Shia LaBeouf didn't sing his theme song on Even Stevens, Ben Savage didn't sing his theme song on Boys Meets World. They got actual singers to do their song! Why can't the new Disney? I just shake my head when I'm flipping through the channel and can no longer watch Smart Guy, House of Mouse, or Goofy. Why the heck would you still have the Mickey Mouse Logo at the bottom of the screen if you don't even play Mickey mouse anymore? Is it supposed to be some kind of sympathy token?? Get a grip Sweeney and just retire already.
I understand that this is a new generation and styles change, but there is a difference between styles changing and just plan horrible shows. If you look back on Lizzie MCguire they had episodes dealing with eating disorders and people who watched it didn't freak out and report the episode to Disney Channel headquarters. I bet if the episode ran today there will be so many uptight, closed-minded parents yapping about how they don't approve of their child watching shows about people going through eating disorders, yet they approve of their kids watching bratty teens who want to be celebrities and all they do is sing and wine about their love life. Of course shows back then had romance but it wasn't to the point that that was all they day dreamed about. They weren't teens trying to become these unrealistic super stars.
I also find annoying how Disney repeatedly uses the laugh box every second. Is it really that funny because all I hear are crickets.
I just hate how everyone portrays themselves as these hot, perfect teen celebs trying to make it in the music industry and they don't have a lick of talent.
I don't see how people can watch this network anymore, are you really that bored? Go watch something else or read a book. I don't have time to watch shows that make it seem as if they are hot teens who think they're talented. I'd rather watch a dog pee than watch Disney stars talk about how they want to be famous singers. I'm just saying.
How they used to dress
How they dress now


    "I do not sugar coat things and I will say what is on my mind and what I think about it."


    May 2013