I know I cannot be the only one who realizes that Taylor Swift loves to play victim. When Swift first came out in the music industry I didn't pay much attention to her or her music. I never really had a true opinion about her and never really had a problem with others who enjoyed her music. It was just neutral and content. Then after a while she started getting more popular but I still didn't pay any mind to her until I heard about how Kanye West put Taylor on full blast at some Grammy award or whatever event it was. I admit, that was cruel what Kanye West did but at the same time it was kind of true. I feel that Kanye West should've said it in a different way at a different time, instead he did it on national TV. However, lets be real here Taylor Swift was "supposedly" a country singer. I think it is okay to experience with other generes and sounds but her music isn't anything new or special. Her songs are all about guys being dicks to her and how she never gets to be with a guy she is in love with. Taylor? Really? You can have any guy you want? You went out with Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and that little boy from One Direction. All of them didn't work. Have you ever thought about how you could be the problem?

I'm only telling what I see. By the way she presents herself, she seems like one of those needy girlfriends and majority of guys do not like clingy girls. My prediction is that Taylor Swif will never find true love if she keeps hopping from one guy to the next like amusement park rides. Stop Taylor and just stick with one guy! Oh wait, I forgot, you need guys to write more songs about and play victim again. Oookay!
As for her music, I never really liked them that's why I didn't bother to listen to them, but I soon realized that her music is unavoidable!
Everywhere I go I hear a Taylor Swift song. Whether I'm in the library or Starbucks lounge I just keep hearing her annoying music. The worst thing is that the songs get stuck in your head and it won't leave. Grrrrr!
I also find Taylor Swift a hyprocrite because she writes all these songs talking about her ex's but yet when people talk about her she gets upset. For example, comedian Tina Fey and Amy Poehler mocked Taylor Swift about her realtionships on their talk show and Swift responds by saying "There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women." Are you serious Taylor? Since when do you have a say who goes to hell? If that was the case where would you be going?
I don't understand why she feels like she is the only one who can talk about others but when others talk about her all hell breaks loose and you better watch out.
There have been lots of Taylor Swift Parodies on YouTube, some are funny and some are very creepy. Over all, the videos all express the same things. Taylor Swift basically dating boys to write more songs. If everyone is saying the same things about this singer they can't all be liars. Right?
Taylor Swift's voice is okay, it's a little flat and her songs are all the same which is why I am not a fan. However, if you ever go on websites and videos about Taylor Swift you have to be careful what you say because there are some die-hard Tay Tay fans and they will send you weird angry messages about how you are jealous and that you aren't as pretty as her. C'mon people, is that all you have to say? I'm not gonna say all her fans are crazy, because they aren't, but there are some lunatic fans who would threaten anyone who dare talk about their sweet, innocent Taylor Swift. If you ever get a threat message from a crazy fan go to
http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us and report them. Just because Taylor Swift is a boyfriend hopper doesn't mean it's our fault.
My advise for her would be to take more singing lessons, change her crappy songs and stop using guys to write her music. If you are over a guy, stop holding grudges and move the %$!@ on. Geez! I think it is rude and mean for her to play victim and treat her ex's like dogs and mess up their reputations. I understand that there are a lot of douche bag guys out there, but people never think of girls as being manipulative and cruel because they're girls. However, girls are, they are just more sneaky when they do it.
So do I like Taylor Swift? No. Do I think she is talented?  Somewhat, but I do not think of taylor as an artist and she could improve her singing a bit.

05/14/2013 9:34am

I used to like Taylor Swift when she first came out, now I don't like her. She doesn't even sing country music anymore. :(

02/21/2015 8:53pm

I liked "22", but honestly I couldn't get into "Blank Space"


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